My Inspiration to be a Designer!

From a small picturesque town in India with a ton of dreams in the eyes… That’s how a story of a ‘town to city’ protagonist starts. Well, I’m no different :)

Growing up like an usual boy, I was hooked to superhero comics and cartoons. The vivid colors and flashy visuals always enthralled me. Be it Tom&Jerry, Talespin, Gummi Bears, Phantom, Super man or many other cartoon shows / comic books, I would watch and just be in awe of them!

And after the aweness came curiosity. How are these visuals created, or how are colors added to them, and most importantly, how do they make them move inside the television? My inncoent yet intriguing questions were met with answers of “drawing and painting”.

With pencils and colors on my mind, I began drawing. But just like any student, I needed a master, my own Design Yoda! That is when my school drawing teacher came into the picture. He was my Wikipedia! I would ask him questions about drawing, colors, pencils and whatnot! With a smile and plenty of patience, he would always give me a solution. A foundation of any skill is important, and I owe my knowledge to him. Then there were my classmates and friends who would also motivate me to keep following my passion.

Growing up in an Indian middle-class family comes with some stereotypes. One of them is the parents expecting their kids to be engineers, doctors, or the classic one — a government employee! As my friends around me kept choosing those usual fields, the curious cat in my mind was still lingering over those moving visuals on screen! Just like Arjuna’s focus on the eye of the fish, my goal was also clear in my eyes.

That dream finally started taking shape when I started my Diploma in Multimedia Design and Animation. When my dad used to be asked about what his son does, he would say he’s making “cartoons and films” :)

Just like me, I know there are many who would be motivated to pursue this field. But dreams don’t take a flight unless being fueled with efforts and propelled by struggles. That is what would take you far enough to make them a reality.

There would always be noises around you pulling you down, or doubting your dreams, or even telling you that this would not pay your bills. Plug your ears and keep doing what makes you happy. Ask that silly question, make that weird painting, make your own colors, and go crazy, because the crazy ones are the ones who actually end up changing the world!




Lead designer with 8+ years of experience. Love to travel and try different cuisines. Always believe in “ Creativity Matters”

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Gurudatt Naik

Gurudatt Naik

Lead designer with 8+ years of experience. Love to travel and try different cuisines. Always believe in “ Creativity Matters”

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